COVID-X Programme: Looking for data-driven solutions to overcome COVID-19 challenges

4 June 2021

COVID-X will grant EU companies [Single Players] with 100K€ to validate their data solutions in one of our clinical partners. If the company brings in a healthcare provider that can validate the solution  [Team Players], the financial support will go up to 150K€. The challenges should be related to diagnosis, prognosis or follow-up of patients with COVID-19, or to a new open challenge.

COVID-X involves a consortium of 10 prominent partners from 7 different countries. The consortium includes organisations from different sectors, including clinical, technological, business and marketing. 

COVID-X bridges the gap between the European digital sector and healthcare providers. The programme aims to unlock the full capacity of artificial intelligence and data technology solutions to overcome COVID-19 challenges, fast-tracking projects to market and save lives.

Currently, the programme is looking for data-driven solutions to overcome COVID-19 challenges. 

Application Deadline is 22.07.2021.

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