Congratulations to Ukraine for winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with a record high of European votes

16 May 2022

Ukraine is the big winner of the 66th Eurovision song contest, which took place in Italy.

We congratulate Ukraine’s participation, Stefania by Kalush Orchestra for winning the contest following a tidal wave of support from the telephone-voting European public.

It is worthwhile to mention that the televoters from 28 of 39 countries gave 12 points to Ukraine.

With 439 points from televoting, it was the most points a country has ever received from the public. Ukraine was just 29 points from the highest possible score from the televoting.

This comes as proof that the European public shows its support for the suffering people of Ukraine, amidst the continuous war.

Watch this space as ECHAlliance Group will continue to offer its support to the people of Ukraine, by publishing initiatives and more from across our network to ensure that each individual help can collectively make a difference.

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