Collaborative Growth Programme

8 September 2019

Changing times require an innovative approach to business growth, problem solving and supply chain development

Companies that work together to address these issues can often be more successful and profitable.

The Collaborative Growth Programme is now offering 100 per cent funding up to £25,000 to SME-led networks requiring facilitation support to scope out innovative collaborative projects with the potential to increase business competitiveness.

Networks wishing to make an application to the programme must consist of a minimum of 4 Northern Ireland SMEs. At least one of the participating companies must be an Invest Northern Ireland customer and be prepared to make the application on behalf of the group.

Closing Date for receipt of applications is 11th October 2019.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application within three weeks of the closing date.

There are significant benefits to participants and these include:

  • Enhancing existing skills and capabilities
  • Acquiring knowledge to stimulate innovative practices and processes
  • Entry to new export markets
  • Developing niche value-added products
  • Expanding services or product offerings
  • Exploiting cross-sectoral technology and best practice
  • Developing hi-tech knowledge driven businesses
  • Contributing to the economic performance of Northern Ireland

Depending on the outcome of the scoping study, additional funding (up to a maximum of £170,000) is available to support the implementation of phase two of the collaborative project.

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