Campania Inter-Regional Policy Learning Online Workshop, 24th June 2020

20 July 2020

The first, of a series of 4, EU_SHAFE Inter-Regional Policy Learning Workshops, virtually hosted by Regione Campania with the organisational and media support of ECHAlliance, had the objective of sharing the lessons learned on the WHO for age-friendly cities and communities domain 1 – housing’s seven local good practices collected in the partners’ regions.

Held on June 24th 2020 and with the partecipation of almost 60 attendees, the workshop allowed the stakeholders from the regionals’ clusters to become familiar with EU_SHAFE strategic objectives, community and activities and to learn from other local and international experiences relevant to the SHAFE area.

The workshop has been organised in three sessions to present to the audience the EU_SHAFE ambitions and collected good practices in the housing domain, three Campania Region’s local good practices, successfully implement on the territory and two European initiatives highlighting synergies and the possibilities of transferability and scale up of their results towards the EU_SHAFE.

The workshop, animated by a lively exchange of questions and answers between the attendees and the panellists, was concluded by the two moderators, who summarised the main results achieved during the with the following key messages:

  1. Whenever changes in health and wellbeing are addressed, cross-sectoral actors and factors are brought together. It is essential to recognize that health and wellbeing policies and initiatives cross into all sectors: societal challenges related to the Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments should be seen into this broader framework.
  2. This holistic view to address SAHFE challenges must ensure that all policies and initiatives implemented align with the local and regional strategies to deliver services for the benefits of all citizens.
  3. It is important to stimulate and foster all innovations, including societal innovation. It is pivotal to clearly understand the value of data when developing a digital solution, and have the solutions developed around the needs of individuals.
  4. Financial investments in the health and social care systems and sectors should be evaluated in terms of quality of life and health outcomes improvements, and not just in terms of economic return, aligning those elements as part of the same value chain.

The online workshop’s material, speakers presentations and online recording, can be found on the EU_SHAFE web site, in the library section.  

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