Calling all Telehealth Providers: Work with ORCHA to prescribe digital health

30 June 2020

ECHAlliance Strategic Partner and Digital health assessor, ORCHA, wants to work with telehealth providers to achieve  collaborative health app prescription to patients across the globe!

Did you know that, of the hundreds of thousands of health apps available, 85% do not meet quality thresholds? As more patients look towards self-managing their own health and wellbeing, having a means of embedding trusted digital health solutions into telehealth services has never been more important.

ORCHA, the world’s leading health app evaluation and distribution organisation, has reviewed over 6,000 health and care apps according to their Clinical Assurance, Data Privacy and User Experience. Collaborate with ORCHA to integrate a new module into teleconsultations: the prescription of ORCHA Certified digital health solutions.

This opportunity means telehealth consultations can expand beyond the prescription of medications, to offering patients digital health solutions. Through ORCHA, telehealth professionals can prescribe apps directly to patients at the click of a button. ORCHA’s system will send a text immediately to the patient, including the link from which the patient can download the app they have been prescribed.

Collaborate with ORCHA to enhance the service you sell by embedding digital health app prescription into telehealth pathways. ORCHA’s expertise will guide you on the journey to a digitally enabled future for telehealth.

If you are interested in this opportunity or would like more information, please get in touch at [email protected]

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