Call for Expression of Interest – Clusters meet Regions

28 June 2022

The European Cluster Collaboration Platform will be coordinating 13 European ‘Clusters meet Regions’ workshops in the second half of 2022 and throughout 2023. 

The ECCP is launching a Call of Expression of Interest to select the national/regional authorities and clusters organisations to run each of these important events. At the ‘Clusters meet Regions’ events, national and regional clusters and policymakers come together to share experiences, secure new partnerships and to learn from one another how we can all make better use of clusters to: 

  • strengthen our industrial ecosystems, 
  • address disruptions in our supply chains, 
  • drive the green and digital transition, and 
  • build resilience in our regions.  

Each workshop must be designed to be beneficial for cluster managers and policy makers, with the ultimate objective of ensuring that clusters are central to the process of putting the European Union’s regional economic, business and social goals into action. 

This call for applications is addressed to any clusters stakeholder who is either actively participating in, or interested in, the economic development of their region. It is open to institutions such as clusters, regional agencies for economic development, and business network groups. Please note, a letter of support from your regional authority is needed if you want to apply. Proposals from national and/or regional authorities are also welcomed. Apply by 29 July.

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