Call for activities related to the EIT Health flagships

10 October 2022

EIT Health has launched its first flagships call. This is an open call for cross-pillar activities for three of their four flagships: New models to deliver healthcare, Facilitating the uptake of digital medical devices in Europe and Harnessing the full potential of health data for innovation.

Who is this call for?

This call is open to anyone with an interest in healthcare innovation:

  • Our Partners
  • Start-ups
  • Healthcare providers
  • Research bodies
  • Payors
  • Regional/national/international policy bodies or institutions
  • Municipalities
  • Healthcare innovators

You do not need to be an existing EIT Health Partner to apply, but you must submit a final proposal with existing core or associate Partners and you will be requested to enter the partnership if you are selected for significant funding in the next years.

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