Brian O’Connor will speak at the European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG) 2018, 3 -5 October, Austria

10 September 2018


EHFG 2018 – Second Programme Announcement

2018 is a big year for health. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and with it the very right to health itself, celebrates 70 years of existence, while other key health milestones such as the Tallinn Charter and Alma-Ata celebrate their anniversaries. All these occasions give us one more reason to highlight how important it is for health to remain a key European priority.
Decisive political action and strong commitments to a comprehensive vision of improved health for all are needed. In 2018, the EHFG will focus on health in the EU within the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Agenda 2030, and challenges participants and session partners to explore how all can contribute to reaching the SDG targets, safeguarding health and advancing sustainable development.

What priorities do we need to set, which risks should we take, which convictions do we need to overturn? Is it time for a healthy paradigm shift to make our systems future-proof? Help us answering these questions and make the case for health as a necessary key concern for European actors and institutions that impacts prosperity on all levels.

Pencil the EHFG’s date in your diaries to join the debate and be part of setting a bold political agenda for Europe’s future strategy on health!

Second Programme Announcement EHFG 2018

Brian O’Connor will speak in the session “Man versus Machine”, the session will take place on Friday, 5 October from 12.00 – 13.30, where the speakers will argue for the motion of “Motion: AI in healthcare: the rewards outweigh the risks”

More information and registration here

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