Algorithms of Health Sciences and their work at hybrid and simulation training programs

20 April 2023

Algorithms of Health Sciences is the latest member to join our global network in ECHAlliance. Here you can find some information about them and about their mission

The Hybridlab tribe: A team of over than 40 doctors and scientists who spun off Lithuanian university of Health Sciences – the biggest medical university in the Baltics.

They follow their vision and both commitment of providing innovative, algorithm-based simulation and practical training platform as well as to create an effective learning culture for learners around the world. They have come to optimise the training of basic medical skills by alleviating the workload or shortage of tutors at medical schools and ensuring that 100 percent of students will gain right practical skills.

For more than 20 years, they have been implementing hybrid and simulation training programs to ensure patient safety and service quality. Since 2003, they have been running over twenty globally recognised courses for healthcare professionals. Their founders have the status of an International Training Organisation (ITO) under agreements with various organisations AHA – American Heart Association, American College of Surgeons, ERC – European Resuscitation Council), NAEMT – National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians, ACFP – American College of Family Physicians, ACP – American College of Paediatricians).

Their tools were successfully implemented in Lithuanian University of Health sciences and the shift in efficiency of medical training is evident.

The Algorithms of Heath Science is interested in reaching out to universities, medical schools and training facilities to discuss opportunities of collaboration.

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