AKINOX, ECHAlliance new member and proud partner of Canada’s pandemic response and digital transformation

12 October 2020

Akinox Solutions, one of ECHAlliance most recent member, has been at the forefront of Canada’s Pandemic Response.

 In Quebec, its round-the-clock support to the Health and Social Services Ministry and Public Health Authorities across the province enabled the improvement and scale-up of case management and contact tracing as COVID-19 spread rapidly across the province. This opportunity came about because of Akinox’ central role in some of Canada’s most seminal digital health transformation programs.  

Since the beginning of March, the firm has also been monitoring the pandemic to expand its readiness to contribute significantly to the management of the current crisis and beyond. The Canadian company has also proactively shared its experience with public health authorities across the country. Additional capacities such as healthcare and social services coordination as well as access to testing sites and results were also added to its pandemic solution.

Besides its current involvement in Canada’s response to COVID-19, Akinox has been actively involved in the design and deployment of digital health infrastructures and healthcare transformation initiatives. Thanks to its technical and management team, the boutique tech firm has been instrumental in establishing Québec’s Governmental Enterprise Architecture (AEG v2) and the Ministry of Health’s Enterprise Architecture.  Over the past decade, the company has emerged as relationship-driven enterprise with a collaborative approach that brings a unique sensitivity to matters surrounding viable growth and large-scale public sector projects.

Now well-equipped to support the design, implementation of impactful health sector projects, starting with a single discipline or programs, to large multi-stakeholder initiatives, the company is investing considerable efforts into curating and broadening its partners network in Canada and around the globe. Therefore, we welcome the opportunity of being part of ECHAlliance’s community and look forward to sharing and learning about your experience and explore areas for collaboration.

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