Aitia global creates national database showing Covid-19 data

16 April 2020

Aitia global has created a national database of hospitals, pharmacies, emergency departments, intensive care units and GPs which has an interface that shows Covid-19 bed numbers, cases, recoveries, ventilator-usage.  We are linking data between health services and connecting these with supply chains for tracking health stocks and PPE usage.  Health services can connect with pharmacies, suppliers and other organisations across borders and communicate with each other via secure messaging.

Using our health maps, Covid-19 data can be compared with population data, age groups, disease groups and risk factors, overlaid to create a full national or international picture of health, promoting evidence based decisions.

Coalitions of research organisations share their research, their successes and findings to quickly share and swap data with different organisations in a secure format.  We encourage ECH Alliance members to contact us if they have data sets that could be utilised to assist with the current pandemic.

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