AHB and ECHAlliance sign a strategic partnership to link digital health businesses to new markets in Africa and Europe

1 March 2023

Africa Health Business (AHB) and the European Connected Health Alliance Group (ECHAlliance Group) have today signed a strategic partnership to link digital health businesses to new markets in Africa and Europe. 

Speaking at the Digital Health Summit at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Dr Amit Thakker, Executive Chairman of AHB highlighted the critical role of digital health in meeting the existing health system gaps in Africa by making healthcare more accessible to all. 

“With the continent’s dramatic rise in internet connectivity and mobile phone penetration,  digital health is set to become central to healthcare delivery in Africa. Consumer behavior changes occasioned by COVID-19 pandemic have increased the demand for on-demand, convenient and patient-centered health service delivery. This together with an enabling policy environment that has seen many African countries provide guidance on data protection, standards and interoperability, the digital health market is set to grow to an estimated US$10.42bn by 2027”

Dr Thakker also commented

“We first met ECHAlliance in 2020, when AHB was invited to become a Council Member of the Global Connected Health Partnership and we have been collaborating ever since. 

During Brian’s trip to Nairobi in 2022 we agreed it was time to formalize our willingness to work together and I am delighted that we have done so”

Mr. O’Connor, Chair of the ECHAlliance emphasized the  role of digital health in  this partnership in identifying business opportunities for digital health providers in Europe.

“ECHAlliance Group has been instrumental in enabling collaboration of digital health  organizations to transform health and social care. This partnership with Africa Health Business will facilitate European digital innovations to invest in and access emerging markets in Africa by providing an ecosystem of business match making”.

The two leaders highlighted the benefits of digital health including expanding the reach of care, providing quality data for decision making, and reducing the cost of care to both the health system and the patient.

For more information contact:

Heather Smith, Operation Director, ECHAlliance

[email protected]

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