AGE-WELL 2018 Catalyst Funding Program

12 January 2023

AGE-WELL is excited to launch its 3rd Catalyst Funding Program to support innovative research projects aimed at generating, promoting or accelerating economic and social benefit in the field of technology and aging.

The Catalyst Funding Program represents the first-stage in AGE-WELL’s innovation funding stream. Catalyst grants will support early-stage, scalable research projects including pilot studies, feasibility studies and novel approaches that are aligned with AGE-WELL’s mission and vision. Projects must demonstrate strong potential for real-world impact.

It is expected that Catalyst projects will lead to new funded research initiatives, either as part of AGE-WELL or through other granting agencies.  Projects funded by Catalyst grants may be suitable for future AGE-WELL investment as they progress along the innovation pipeline. To be eligible for continued funding through AGE-WELL, end-of-term deliverables must provide justification for continued funding either through a renewal of Catalyst funding or transfer to another AGE-WELL funding program (e.g. Core Research Program, Strategic Investment  Program). See Project Deliverables and Potential for Continued Funding section below.

Award Value and Term
Up to $50,000 over 12 months. Can be renewed for one year, pending end-of-term review.

Application Deadline:  March 23rd, 2018, 5:00 pm EST.


  • The competition is open to researchers based at Canadian institutions working in the field of technology and aging. AGE-WELL uses the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) definition of “independent researchers” when defining eligible grant holders (see
  • AGE-WELL abides by the funding rules of the Tri-Council Agencies and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) in particular. Please consult the Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide about eligibility, eligible grant expenses, partner contributions etc.
  • The applicant’s host institution must be eligible to hold Tri-Council funding. Canadian universities and investigators who are not already members of AGE-WELL will be required to sign onto the Network Agreement prior to receiving funds.
  • Catalyst funds cannot be used for activities funded through other AGE-WELL research competitions (e.g. activities that are part of an AGE-WELL Core Research Project).
  • Investigators will normally be expected to include partner organizations in their projects, including as part of any dissemination or commercialization planning. Such organizations should be described in the application, even where the partnership is at a very early stage of development. For reporting purposes, all partnership activities should be quantified in the application.
  • Proposals will ideally demonstrate some level of additional cash and/or in-kind contributions from industry or community partners or describe a plan to secure such contributions. There is no minimum contribution level required for the Catalyst program.

Application and Review Process:

Applications will be accepted through AGE-WELL’s Forum Research Portal.

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