Tech Care for All connects 90,000 registered learners across Africa and India

13 January 2022

2021 was  a landmark year for Tech Care for All. We added new features to our Medical Learning Hub and registered 91,000 learners across Asia and Africa. We hosted 645 new courses on an enormous range of topics, bringing our total offering to 1250+. Our learners gained skills and confidence in managing Covid-19 – and medical conditions from endometriosis to cancers.

We credit our rapid growth to five key successes:

  • Our ability to attract nationally known Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) as faculty on our webinars.
  • Locally designed learning content that’s specifically tailored and relevant for our geographies.
  • Innovative, multiplatform digital marketing that reaches doctors “where they live”: on their favored social networking platforms, and our highly responsive helpdesk that provides quick solutions, whether it’s a lost password or a course-related question.
  • “White glove” course hosting that ensures smooth delivery of every webinar, with full tech support for speakers, in-class polls, recording/editing services where needed, playback access where needed, and certification as appropriate.
  • Extensive course analytics to help course leaders understand their audience, track progress and respond to learning needs across the medical community.

We are excited to have launched a comprehensive program of blended learning and provider engagement in the areas of breast cancer and prostate cancer, two of the leading and most deadly cancers in Africa and India. This initiative is made possible thanks to a grant awarded by Bristol Myers Squibb to our nonprofit affiliate, WECHA.

Discover more about Tech Care for All:

Tech Care for All is a digital health company focused on sustainability transforming health outcomes in Africa and Asia by democratizing medical education. Our flagship product, Medical Learning Hub, provides high quality, accessible, affordable CME to all healthcare professionals in Africa and India. We are building an online community of knowledgeable and engaged HCPs.

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