A unique opportunity for innovative start-ups to join IT4Anxiety project consortium

7 October 2020

We are looking for a start-up/SME:

  • developing innovative & impacting tools for the management of anxiety in the mental health context (Alzheimer’s or PTSD)
  • developing projects at any research and development stages to allow consolidating more established products or conceive new ideas
  • able to test their product within the project timeframe (until September 2023)
  • committed to develop and test 1 prototype for patients to improve their well-being and recovery within the time frame of the project

What is in it for you ? 

  • You will become a member of the European Interreg IT4Anxiety project, benefiting from its spotlight and rich network. For example, we will showcase your solutions and company through our network (on our website, social media accounts, videos, etc.), and invite you to our events (focus groups, hackathons, conferences…).
  • You will be able to exchange knowledge and experience with mental health professionals and institutions from other countries participating in the project to build a tailor-made solution answering patiens’ needs.
  • You will have the possibility to benefit from testing and validation opportunities with patients from the mental health sector. In collaboration with the consortium members, solutions will indeed be introduced and tested in participating hospitals, clinics, community health teams, and nursing homes. 
  • Our project ethic committee will support and advise you on the ethics and legal requirements for clinical testing.
  • While preparing your testing protocol, you will receive guidance and advice to consider the impact of your solution in a real health-care setting including alignment with leading eHealth technology assessment frameworks streamlining the testing with requirements from relevant regulatory organisations.
  • Training modules for the use of the innovative solutions will be organised in several health establishments in which your solution could, therefore, be embedded into it.
  • budget over to 350K€ is available within the project (financed to 60% by FEDER). This will be divided between the selected start-ups. This means that you need to find 40% of the funding yourself.
  • The HQ of the company should be located in one of the 6 countries partners of the IT4Anxiety project: Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Luxembourg and United Kingdom.

How could you join the project ? 

You can either apply directly to the Start-up validation Committee by first answering this questionnaire (if you pass this first filter, the committee will send you a form to complete): 


Deadline: we will be opened for application from now until November the 30th 2020.


by winning a hackathon or being recognised as a top idea (even if not winning) and being approved by the start-up validation Committee. Agenda of hackathons : Link

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