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9 July 2018

Smart business models with IMPACT connect entrepreneurs and healthcare.

In 2013, Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship launched the New Industrial Policy for Health Economics call for projects. The objective was to stimulate the collaboration between industry and health. On the 12th of June, the 4 selected projects were presented in a final event.

Today 4 blue prints, 4 unique and innovative business models have been established which will lead to future-oriented care, cure and comfort solutions with smart combinations of products and services with a positive impacts on users, suppliers and society as a whole and capable of generating economic impact, worldwide. 

The 4 smart business models with triple-aim impact are: 

Nutrition Platform for Chronic Care (NPCC)Evidence-base, personalized and global nutrition solutions for people with a chronic care need  

2ZENA digital platform of (care) solutions for people with a non-clinical care need  

Mobiele Zorg Functional, safe and temporary living solutions   

ILOZ: A one-stop shop for efficient care, cure & well-being services in the home environment (1 invoice) A unique white paper organised in 3 chapters (§1 Shared value in Healthcare, §2 Innovative partnerships and §3 Policy recommendations) represents the results of these 4 projects and will be available in English soon. 

Keep an eye on the Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship website

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