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Key Stats
  • The Polish Ecosystem is coordinated by the Foundation for Healthy Ageing
  • The Foundation for Healthy Ageing was established in 2013
  • Primary goal of the Foundation is: develop & promote legal, managerial & social solutions for the maintenance of social & professional activity of Poles
  • Population: 38.2m inhabitants - 122 inhabitants per square km.
  • Healthcare organisation: National Health Fund and 16 regional branches
  • Number of general practitioners, dentists and hospitals Poland:medical doctors: 122,500, dentists: 32,600,  hospitals: 767 
Key Priorities

Statutory objectives of the Foundation:

- Creating and supporting solutions in labour, health and social policy which constitute grounds for conditions of dignified ageing.
- Promoting healthy behaviours, taking action and implementing solutions for the longest possible maintenance of fitness and physical, social and vocational activity among the elderly.
- Taking and promoting actions to tackle and prevent problems of social and professional exclusion among older people.
- Supporting the longest possible professional activity of members of society, as well as seeking and supporting the implementation of solutions, which help create new jobs for and employment of older people.


-    White paper of the Coalition for healthy ageing: 

-    Polish Health system: 

-    Polish eHealth strategy: 
-    E-health Initiatives in Poland 2007-2020:,d.d24&cad=rja 

-    European Commission report "eHealth priorities and strategies in European countries", see chapter Pola


Key People
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